Make Some Magic when you travel in the Bedroom Now: Micromanage Your Personal Space.

Library in a Box: If it feels like you’re dancing to Saturday Night Fever each time you have to walk around your hotel room, being careful not to trip on the myriad copies of books strewn all over then you might need to try this. Install overhead shelves across the length of your bedroom walls. This frees up much needed space and lets you access your books only when you absolutely have to. ‘I’d like to borrow Animal Farm, please.’

Slide Out of Bed on Saturday Mornings: Err, not you, but have you considered having a bed frame with drawers in your resort suite? This is really quite a saver if you need to store away the laptop, phone or some other item that might quickly contribute to cluttering up your personal field. It should be easier to fetch your files from beneath to review while in bed on the weekend.

Perch on Your Stash: You might consider acquiring a storage stool to stash your stuff in while sitting. This is a nice and functional way to make the hotel room look sparse when in actual fact it is loaded with all of your life’s belongings. Sort of.

Laze About Under the Sun-like Light of Your Bulb: In your Hammock-Bed, that is. You can make space by relying on a dual-purpose hammock-bed that’s designed to be a little larger than your regular hammock. This piece of furniture is large enough to support a number of pillows. The only thing left is a nice Coconut flavoured drink.

Vertical Integration: This is a business school term that refers to a company’s own dedicated back-end supply chain, but who says you cannot apply a little business thinking to your hotel room? And this is where bunk beds come into stay. This is massive space saver and even if you don’t have a room-mate you can apply this by sleeping on the upper bed while storing stuff on the lower bed. Or vice-versa.

Keep the Trash Invisible: A tilting cabinet can do wonders for your space and leave visitors to your room wondering where your trash goes. It goes right into the trash bin encased within the tilting cabinet. Now you see it, now you don’t.

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