The home of the Caribbean islands is certainly one of the world’s greatest attraction for old costumes and cultures of Havana. With over 500 kilometres of coastline evaded by sandy yellow beaches. Cuba has continued to inspire many artists with great history and beauty ever eminent in the mystique rhythm of the Cuban people. Cuba is not just a place for resting but a home of featured vintage cars motoring around the streets of Cuba. Cuba presents tourists with depth of diversity and uniqueness in the way of living.
It is a country once frozen in time preserving the old ecstasy and bliss of yesterdays. For those people who want to go back in time to experience what they have missed certainly Cuba is a perfect spot for catching up. Do you get inspired by the famous salsa music well don’t get surprised if someone ever tells you that it came from Cuba.



This has one of the most amazing beaches in Cuba such as the Cayo Coco located towards North of the mainland. As many people say it wasn’t populated by many visitors until during the late nineties when one of the first hotel resorts was built. Many people like to visit the location because of its unique and distinguished atmosphere.


The heart of the Cuban city, visiting Havana is one of the best things to do when you are in Cuba. In Havana is located the castle Castillo el Morro right at the other side of the harbour. Many people will prefer to wear light and comfortable clothing when visiting this city so as to merge with the local’s. Many famous names have been said to emerge from the enchantress city of Havana. Don’t forget to explore the various café’s and bar’s right at your door steps.


It is located on the South East Coast of Cuba. Here are waterfalls to explore with tasty dishes in the afternoon. It gives visitors a top flight view when they decide to hop around the hills right pass the Yimuri river gorge. This site provide a blazing amount of sunshine, a place to be loved by selfie ninja’s. It is one of the few places in Cuba in which you can trek and have a little feel of the natural habitat. Many tourists recommend this location because of its peaceful atmosphere.


A place with the richest history in the whole of Cuban city. Have you ever had of the name Fidel Castro? well it actually comes from here. It is a place where Fidel Castro first started his Cuban revolution. In this area you will find many cannons, long stairs, tunnels, and also dungeons. Quite amazing for some of us who really like to explore.

And finally no matter what you do never miss to enjoy the delicious Cuban dishes not found anywhere in the world except in the open doors of Cuba. The locals are ever friendly and the feeling is just magical.

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