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The home of the Caribbean islands is certainly one of the world’s greatest attraction for old costumes and cultures of Havana. With over 500 kilometres of coastline evaded by sandy yellow beaches. Cuba has continued to inspire many artists with great history and beauty ever eminent in the mystique rhythm of the Cuban people. Cuba […]

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Make Some Magic when you travel in the Bedroom Now: Micromanage Your Personal Space.

Library in a Box: If it feels like you’re dancing to Saturday Night Fever each time you have to walk around your hotel room, being careful not to trip on the myriad copies of books strewn all over then you might need to try this. Install overhead shelves across the length of your bedroom walls. […]

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Think You’re Cut Out for Traveling to foreign places? Take This Quiz

Do you think that you’re cut out for traveling to foreign countries? You are thinking about traveling for a long time, but you are afraid to do this because you aren’t sure if this is the right thing to do. This happens all the time to many people all over the world. If you are […]

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