5 Wonderful Beach Vacation Destinations in South Africa

Are you thinking of vacationing in South Africa? Perhaps you have heard so many wonderful things about this country in the southern region of Africa and decided to explore the country. Ok, say you go there and start exploring and get tired at the end of week and are in dire need of a place to cool down, someplace like a beach, what happens then?

Before you decide to go explore South Africa, you should have considered all these, you are going there to have the time of your time after all. So, just in case you end up needing a cool beach to relax while in South Africa, below is a list of five wonderful beaches in South Africa you should consider visiting:

  1. The Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal

Located in a providence famed for its mountains, beaches, and wild animals filled savannah, it is little wonder why the Ballito is deemed an excellent place to go beach vacationing.

The Ballito has a magnificent boulevard designed to enable visitors take long strolls to clear their heads and relieve themselves of stress. The boulevard is also excellent for romantic strolls. It doesn’t end there though, the Ballito has lots of great beaches and swimming, while also being set up in a way that it is animal and child friendly.

A visit to the Ballito is bound to provide with numerous unforgettable experiences in addition to a wonderful time.


  1. Camps Bay, Western Cape

Are you an admirer of nature and a night/party person? Then Camps Bay would be perfect for you. The view of the sky which becomes filled with lots of colours right before the sun retires for the night is so out of this world it can’t be perfectly described.

Once the sun goes to sleep however is when Camps Bay wakes from its own slumber as nook and cranny of the place is guaranteed to be bustling and you can be rest assured you would never experience a dull moment at this beach destination.


  1. Clifton Beach, Western Cape

The one advantage Clifton Beach has over lots of other beaches is the atmosphere and vibe it gives off. Clifton Beach gives off very glaring vibes of a wonderful, calm and fun place to be. It also has a magnificent expanse of beach where you can go relax and ease yourself of stress and the likes.

All in all, Clifton Beach is a wonderful place to be and you would be pleased you went there.




  1. Llandudno, Western Cape

The Llandudno also offers a great sunset sight. The dashing sea and the golden mountain makes watching the sun set in the Llandudno a sight so breath-taking you wouldn’t mind coming back daily just to behold this wonderful sight over and over again (I know I would). All these along with the beach come together to make the Llandudno a wonderful place to cool off and forget about the week’s stress.


  1. Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu-Natal

Umhlanga Rocks has its great weather to significantly thank for what it is today. The weather in this area is always great regardless what season it is. This destination also has a warm sea and a beautiful boardwalk coupled with a relaxed atmosphere given off by the town.

It is all these that come together to make the Umhlanga Rocks the wonderful and magnificent place you just have to visit.


Go ahead, enjoy yourself and be sure to let me know your experiences when you eventually decide to vacation in any or all of these beach destinations.

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